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LINCOLN ELECTRIC HOLDINGS INC filed this Form 10-Q on 10/30/2017
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(iii)    a description of any additional material or information necessary for the claimant to perfect the claim and an explanation of why such material or information is necessary; and
(iv)    an explanation of the claim review procedure and the time limits applicable to such procedures, including a statement of a claimant’s right to bring a civil action under ERISA following an adverse benefit determination on review.
(c)    A claimant whose claim is denied (or his duly authorized representative) may, within sixty (60) days after receipt of denial of his or her claim, request a review of such denial by the Committee by filing with the Secretary of the Committee a written request for review of his or her claim. If the claimant does not file a request for review with the Committee within such sixty (60)-day period, the claimant will be deemed to have acquiesced in the original decision of the Committee on his or her claim. If a written request for review is so filed within such sixty (60)-day period, the Committee will conduct a full and fair review of such claim. During such full review, the claimant will be given the opportunity to, upon request and free of charge, obtain reasonable access to and copies of all documents, records and other information that are pertinent to his or her claim and to submit issues and comments in writing. The Committee will notify the claimant of its decision on review within sixty (60) days after receipt of a request for review; provided, however, that if the Committee determines that special circumstances require an extension of time for processing of an employee’s claim, the Committee will provide written notice of the extension to the employee within such sixty (60) day review period. In no event will the extension of time to process the claim exceed a period of sixty (60) days from the end of the initial sixty (60)-day review period. If a claimant does not receive written notice of the Committee’s decision on his or her claim within the first sixty (60) day review period (or the one hundred and eighty (180)-day review period, in the case of special circumstances as determined by the Committee), the claim will be deemed to have been denied on review. Notice of the decision on review will be in writing.
Section 7.6.    Expenses. All expenses of the Plan shall be paid by the Corporation from funds other than those deemed Investment Funds as provided in Section 5.3, except that brokerage commissions and other transaction fees and expenses relating to the investment of deemed assets and investment fees attributable to commingled investment of such assets shall be paid from or charged to such assets or earnings thereon.

Section 8.1.    No Guarantee of Employment. Nothing contained in the Plan shall be construed as a contract of employment between the Corporation and any Employee, or as a right of any Employee, to be continued in the employment of the Corporation, or as a limitation of the right of the Corporation to discharge any of its Employees, with or without cause.
Section 8.2.    Applicable Law. All questions arising in respect of the Plan, including those pertaining to its validity, interpretation and administration, shall be governed, controlled and