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LINCOLN ELECTRIC HOLDINGS INC filed this Form 10-Q on 10/30/2017
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Committee may, instead, in its sole discretion, deem such Account to be invested in any deemed Investment Funds selected by the Committee.
(d)    Notwithstanding any provision of the Plan to the contrary:
(i)    The Administrator, in its sole and absolute discretion (but subject to the requirements of applicable law) may temporarily suspend, in whole or in part, certain Plan transactions, including without limitation, the right to change investment preference allocation elections and/or the right to receive a distribution or withdrawal from a Participant’s Account in the event of any conversion, change in recordkeepers, change in Investment Funds and/or Plan merger, spin-off or similar corporate change.
(ii)    In the event of a change in Investment Funds and/or a Plan merger, spinoff or similar corporate change, the Administrator, in its sole and absolute discretion may decide to map investments from a Participant’s prior investment preference allocation elections to the then available Investment Funds under the Plan. In the event that investments are mapped in this manner, the Participant will be permitted to reallocate funds among the Investment Funds (in accordance with this Section 5.4) after the suspension period described in Section 5.4(d)(i), if any, has ended.
(iii)    The Common Shares deemed allocated to the Participant’s Deferred Performance Share Sub-account or Deferred RSU Sub-account shall remain subject to adjustment pursuant to Section 11 of the Equity Incentive Plan.

Section 6.1.    Settlement Date. A Participant or, in the event of his or her death, his or her Beneficiary will be entitled to distribution of the balance of his or her Account, as provided in this Article VI, following his or her Settlement Date or Dates.
Section 6.2.    Amount to be Distributed. The amount to which a Participant or, in the event of his or her death, his or her Beneficiary is entitled in accordance with the following provisions of this Article shall be based on the Participant’s adjusted account balance determined as of the Accounting Date coincident with or next following his or her Settlement Date or Dates.
Section 6.3.    In Service Distribution. A Participant may elect to receive an in service distribution of the total of his or her deferred Base Salary and Bonus for any Deferral Period in a single lump sum payment in cash on a date which is the first day of a calendar quarter and is at least one (1) year after the end of such Deferral Period, provided that the Participant is an Employee on such date. A Participant’s election of an in service distribution shall be filed in writing with the Administrator at the same time as is filed his or her election to participate as provided in Section 3.1. Any benefits paid to the Participant pursuant to this Section shall be paid on or as soon as practicable after the specified date selected by the Participant (but in no event later than seventy-five (75) days