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LINCOLN ELECTRIC HOLDINGS INC filed this Form 10-Q on 10/30/2017
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The following table summarizes the preliminary purchase price allocation for the Air Liquide Welding acquisition:
Assets acquired and liabilities assumed
As of July 31, 2017
Accounts receivable

Inventory (1)

Property, plant and equipment (2)

Intangible assets (3)

Accounts payable
Pension liability
Bargain purchase gain
Net other assets and liabilities (4)
Total purchase price, net of cash acquired

A portion of inventories acquired were sold in the third quarter of 2017 resulting in a $2,314 increase in cost of sales for the amortization of step up in the value of acquired inventories. 
Property, plant and equipment acquired includes a number of manufacturing and distribution sites, including the related facilities, land and leased sites, and machinery and equipment for use in manufacturing operations.
$7,099 of the intangible asset balance was assigned to a trade name expected to have an indefinite life. Of the remaining amount, $1,183 was assigned to a finite-lived trade name (10 year weighted average useful life) and $3,433 was assigned to other intangible assets (9 year weighted average life).     
Consists primarily of other accrued liabilities.
In 2017, the Company recognized $11,386 in acquisition transaction and integration costs related to the acquisition of Air Liquide Welding. Such costs were expensed as incurred and are included in the "Selling, general and administrative expenses" line item in the Consolidated Statements of Operations.
In 2016, the Air Liquide Welding businesses generated sales of approximately $400 million. Beginning August 1, 2017, the Company's Consolidated Statements of Operations include the results of the Air Liquide Welding businesses, including sales revenue of $63 million through September 30, 2017. The impact on net income in the third quarter of 2017 from Air Liquide Welding businesses was immaterial. Pro forma information related to this acquisition has not been presented because the impact on the Company’s Consolidated Statements of Operations is not material.
2016 Acquisitions
During May 2016, the Company acquired Vizient Manufacturing Solutions ("Vizient"). Vizient, based in Bettendorf, Iowa, is a robotic integrator specializing in custom engineered tooling and automated arc welding systems for general and heavy fabrication applications. The acquisition assisted in diversifying end-market exposure and broadening global growth opportunities. Pro forma information related to this acquisition has not been presented because the impact on the Company’s Consolidated Statements of Income is not material.  Vizient is included in the Company’s consolidated financial statements as of the date of acquisition.

The Company's business units are aligned into three operating segments. The operating segments consist of Americas Welding, International Welding and The Harris Products Group.  The Americas Welding segment includes welding operations in North and South America. The International Welding segment includes welding operations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The Harris Products Group includes the Company’s global cutting, soldering and brazing businesses as well as its retail business in the United States.
Segment performance is measured and resources are allocated based on a number of factors, the primary profit measure being adjusted earnings before interest and income taxes (“Adjusted EBIT”).  EBIT is defined as Operating income plus Equity earnings in affiliates and Other income. EBIT is adjusted for special items as determined by management such as the impact of rationalization activities, certain asset impairment charges and gains or losses on disposals of assets.